Razor Wire

Barbed wire is used in security and protection fencing, especially in the military industry. Concertina wire is one of the most perfect  security barrier. Razor Wire is made of galvanized steel strip thickness of 0.5 mm, having a double-edged, Symmetrical spines, directed spines with high carbon galvanized wire diameter of 2.5 mm. The diameter of concertina wire is 600mm-900mm.

According to the customer order, concertina wire’s shape can be divided into single coil, crossed coils.

Single coil razor wire: It is installed without clips.

Single coil razor wire
Single coil razor wire


Crossed coils razor wire: It is like single coil except two pieces wire bound together by clips to make it stronger. A clip is installed at each 180 degree angle of the circle, so that it becomes concertina and springy form. This structure contributes to more security. It must be cut at least three points to overcome the razor barbed wire.

Crossed coils razor wire
Crossed coils razor wire
Technical Details of Crossed Coils Razor Wire
Coil diameter 60cm-90cm
Wire diameter 2.5 mm
Thickness 0.5mm
Material Steel wire
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized
Barbed Length 22mm
Barbed width 16mm
Barbed spacing 25mm
Type Barbed wire coil
Razor type Cross razor
Coil weight 7.6kg(60cm)-10.5kg(90cm)
No. of loops/coil 45(60cm)-30(90cm)


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