Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh also called welded wire fabric, or weldmesh is made of a series of parallel longitudinal wires and cross wires. They are welded at accurate spacing. Welded Wire Mesh is used in various industries such as agricultural, industrial, transportation, horticultural and food procuring sectors, mines, gardening, machine protection and other decorations.

The welded wire mesh made up of low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire. According to the customer’s order, it is coated a layer of zinc to shield them from corrosion and rust.

We offer a range of different lengths, heights, apertures and wire thicknesses.

Welded Wire Mesh Panels Applications

  • Security Fence
  • Security Cages
  • Handrail Mesh
  • Bird Cages
  • Leaf Covers for Ponds
  • Pool Protection
  • vegetable frames
  • Aviaries
  • Garden Fences
  • Frames around machinery in factories
  • Climbing plant support
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