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Mesh Metal Industrial Group

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Mesh Metal Industrial Group began its path in the field of industry in 2000 in the field of designing and manufacturing industrial machines and wire industries such as mesh wiring and straightening machines under the name of Sepehr Machinery Company. In 2011, the construction of the Novin Hesar factory, as the first manufacturer of wire industrial fences with national standard of Iran (ISRI), was a big step towards innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, this group has expanded its product portfolio in line with customer needs by manufacturing various products such as welded mesh, flood barrier and military bastion structures, decorative gabion wall and various types of wire mesh cable tray. There are several samples of this factory products:
  • Cable tray
  • Prefabricated security barriers such as flood barriers, military bastion, road barriers, etc.
  • Ultra-light fences.
  • Types of welding mesh with variable dimensions
  • Decorative wire structures
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